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A gym in Spalding for Everybody

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A gym in Spalding for Everybody

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  • 3 habits of healthy people

    Lifestyles that involve plenty of physical activity, adequate rest, balanced diets, and positive energy. And, of course, looking good is a great by-product of


    Here are 3 ‘healthy habits’

    Healthy Habit #1: Pay attention to nutrition

    In the long run it is important that you eat food that is wholesome and nutritious that will keep you full and satiated. A tasty whole fish, a colourful salad with tasty nuts, eggs prepared in different ways, it’s all part of the deal A plethora of delicious, wholesome food awaits you if you choose to make a change in the way you eat. Health, nutrition and weight loss go hand in hand. Not to mention the impact good nutrition has on your hair and skin too.

    Healthy Habit #2: Portion control

    Eat healthy food that you love, and what is convenient to prepare. Just eat less of it. No matter what you eat, if you eat too much of it, your body is going to store it. If you go out for lunch with a healthy friend, do observe his or her eating habits. You will notice that they eat until they are full and happily pushes the plate away when done. If you habitually eat long after your stomach’s full and how, it’s time to start working on portion control.

    Healthy Habit #3: Daily exercise

    Most of the healthy people you know are probably disciplined enough to stay active. Remember, if you can watch tv at night, you have the time to go for a walk. Evening walks, gym workouts, are just some of the activities that are not too hard to commit to. The idea is to keep moving and to use those muscles before the body starts shedding them.

    For more tips and information just get in touch.



    At Everybodys we are often asked “what are the best core exercises?”

    Most people would say Crunches or sit ups but we are talkong about the core!

    A common misconception is that exercising your core simply means working your abdominal muscles. Core exercises also strengthen your hips, back and all muscles in the midsection of the body. The core is your center of gravity and where all body movements begin.

    1. Plank Variations

    If you’re just starting out on your journey to get fit and healthy, planks can make a good starting point.

    The only problem is that the standard plank quickly becomes too easy (the world record for the longest held plank is 1 hour and 20 minutes!)

    If you want to build a strong and muscular core, you need to challenge yourself in new ways. SEE YOUR TRAINERS FOR ADVICE

    2. Reverse Crunches

    These are reverse crunches which, as the name suggests, are the opposite of regular crunches. And unlike regular crunches, they help improve your posture.

    It’s important that you keep your core tight throughout this exercise.

    3. TRX Fallouts

    Ab wheel rollouts are thought to be one of the most effective exercises.

    But as the name suggests, you need an ab wheel to perform them. You probably don’t have room for an ab wheel in your suitcase or backpack, so the next best thing is a suspension trainer (such as TRX).

    Using a suspension trainer, you can perform fallouts, which challenge your core in much the same way as the ab wheel.

    One added benefit of using a suspension trainer is that it is easy to adjust the difficulty of the exercise. If you stand close to upright it will be fairly easy, but if you lengthen the straps and lower yourself closer to the ground it will be much tougher.

    4. Hanging Leg-Raises

    To do hanging leg-raises you’ll need something to hold on to.

    Get the eblow straps in the gym or hang from a bar to proform.

    They’re a relatively simple looking exercise, but believe me; they’re tough.

    If you’re struggling, start by bending your leg and raising your knees to your chest instead.

    For any advice on how to proform these exercises safely and effectively please ask your trainers or pop into the gym.

    Everybody's Gym Team.

  • Myzone at Everybody's Gym Spalding

    Myzone is a Physical Activity Belt
    Unlike other activity trackers that only count steps and estimate calories burned, the MYZONE belt monitors your heart rate to determine effort exerted during exercise. The technology guarantees accurate and personalized results that
    will help you make the most of your workouts.
    MYZONE also features a unique point system that
    levels the playing field no matter how fit you are,
    and rewards effort, not fitness.

    You can get yours right here @ Everybody's Gym......click the link below to see some great stories ?

    http://myzone.org/testimonials/ ?

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