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A gym in Spalding for Everybody

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Winter Training Blues

Winter Training Motivation

With the long cold and dark winter nights setting in and your motivation for training on a downwards spiral what can you do to help yourself through the next 20 weeks before sunlight and warmer weather re appears.

Winter motivation is hard to come by and naturally we consume far more calories throughout the next few months and this can and will lead to rapid weight gain and being unhappy.

Dragging yourself to a gym will be difficult and finding any excuse not to go and not to train will become your default setting – NOT GOOD!

Winter Training Blues

Winter training blues are as really as it gets and many of you will find any excuse not to train.

Excuses can range from

  1. Its to cold and dark
  2. Its raining
  3. I have lots of social events coming up in December
  4. Christmas is coming
  5. New Years is coming
  6. I will start again in the new year
  7. I am dressed for winter all covered up for the next 4 months so nobody will see my legs
  8. I find getting up when its cold and dark very difficult, my bed is so warm
  9. I will work on my goals again in the new year and many more!

Here at Everybodys we do recognise that training and committing yourself to your goals are difficult and during the winter months even more so, so below is a few easy ways to help you stay focused and committed over the coming months.

Weekly classes –

We have weekly HIIT 30min sessions at 7.30am sat and sunday plus our boxing classes that can be done at anytime.

Training Duration – With the cold temperature inside and outside the gym cut right back on your training time but increase your frequency.

7 x 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) is 2:40 minutes of training you would have done by the end of the week and if you can keep this up for one month you would have exercised for more than 9 hours. AMAZING!!!!!

Training partner – Buddy up with a friend for the next 4 months. This will not just motivate you more but also give you a far bigger incentive to come to the gym as you don’t want to let your gym buddy down plus it is great fun training with someone else.

Winter Walk – Walking outside during the winter months is a great way to get fitter, heathier and burn a ton of calories. As the outside temperature in cold you will have to increase your normal walking pace to warm yourself up and this will lead to a much higher calorie burn! Now that is good news.

Invest in a Personal Trainer – Investing in a trainer for a few months is a great way to help you stay motivated, accountable and on track with your goals.

Here at Everybodys we are always here to help or give you a few training tips so please just come and ask.

Everybody's gym team

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