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“The gym is one of the most supportive environments I have ever been to, everyone is so keen to help you learn and improve on yourself – it makes working out so easy when you know you are so well supported”

Bekki Johnson

If anyone was looking at taking their fitness up to the next level, I’d thoroughly recommend the HIIT training offered by Adam. As a regular cardio user at the gym, I thought my fitness level was generally good but this is something completely different. A combination of mixed weights, short intervals together combined with cardio has really tested just how fit I really was, or wasn’t as I learnt. Sometimes frustrating getting to those last few reps at the end of the set, its is incredibly addictive. How Adam has focused on the different muscle groups slowly building up the weights has also helped me really understand the reasoning behind the different sets and the change in body tone has been far greater than what I was achieving with cardio alone. Whether when you can eventually return to the gym or taking the opportunity of current outdoor 1-2-1 sessions, give it a try and you’ll be hooked like me.

Jamie Rungay

I joined Everybody’s Gym just over 2 years ago and can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’d never been to a gym before, but not once have I felt intimidated or out of place. The staff are fantastic, always willing to offer advice and support. The other gym goers are polite, respectful and willing to help should you ask. Whether a first timer or someone considerably into their journey, this place is a great place to come to.

Matthew Glew

As a "first timer" gym goer in my 70's, joining Everybody's Gym has given me an excellent way to help maintain strength and overall fitness - which is so important as you get older. The experience entering the gym for the first time was not intimidating but very welcoming. I've enjoyed having a new programme written by the staff at regular intervals to give some good variety and build fitness. I've also made new friends and feel part of the community of the gym

Wendy Martin

Adam has remained committed to his members when faced with having to close because of COVID-19 and has posted workouts and challenges online to keep us all moving. I think you would struggle to find any other gym locally that is as community minded as Everybody’s, it truly is a place where all ages and abilities are encouraged to strive for their goals whatever they maybe and are welcomed through the doors with a smile.

Sam Maltby

I’ve been at Everybody’s Gym for over 12 years and I love this gym! I have seen it evolve and grow to the awesome facility it is today but at the same time in getting there it has managed to retain that personal touch with all of it’s members. It’s a very customer focussed and friendly environment to tarin in, all the staff are lovely. I attend Everybody’s mainly for weight training, to feel stronger and to change my body in ways I like. I would definitely recommend Everybody’s gym, the owner Adam is a great personal trainer. There’s so many things I’ve learnt about myself and my training and it really has been a lifestyle change physically and mentally. I would 100% recommend to anyone.

Charlotte Kyprianou

Thanks to Everybody’s Gym and the knowledge they have given me I have achieved my goals in losing weight and getting fit. This in turn has given me much more confidence and allowed me to enjoy the process. All the staff are really friendly and made me feel welcome from day one

Georgia Ladbrook

I have been a member at Everybody's Gym for coming on 2 years now, I've always been worried about joining a gym because of people judging you for your size. That is not the case at Everybody's I felt welcome no matter your size or your age! I have now lost 2 stone in weight and that's all thanks to the amazing team. Through different programs every 18 sessions and boxing sessions, without their help and advice I wouldn't be where I am now feeling more body confident. A massive thank you to all the team!

Amy Darlow

Adam Jones

Gill Jones


Liam Thirkell


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Chris Martin


Our diverse range of cardio vascular equipment will help you gain maximum results from your workout

Power Lifting Area

A wide range of speciality bars, plates and bumper plates to help gain power and strength


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Personal Training

Our fully qualified team will support you with your goals

Functional Rig Area

Kitted out with kettle bells, core bags, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, airdynne bike and a TRX rig. Helping build your core functional strength

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Monday – Friday 07:00 – 21:00

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Sunday 08:00 – 13:00

Bank Holidays 08:00 – 14:00



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