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At Everybody’s Gym we remain committed to doing everything we can to continue supporting our valued members and colleagues during these challenging times.  

Following the Government guidelines we have closed the gym temporarily.  After working tirelessly through many different solutions this weekend to preserve memberships and personal training bookings, we will be freezing all memberships and post dating personal training sessions. 

This means that we have automatically stopped your payments, so there is no need for you to cancel your direct debit or do anything - we will take care of all the administration of this. When the gym is back open, we will then start re-taking payments. For members who have paid cash, the unused time will be re-instated once your gym re opens.

We will review the situation in line with the government guidelines on a month by month basis.  

However if you would like to carry on supporting your gym throughout this time, please private message or email us on the details below and we can agree an arrangement.  

At Everybody’s Gym, the health and safety of our members and colleagues is our number one priority. Whilst the closure of your gym is difficult for all of us, we will continue to do everything we can to help our members. This includes setting up a group for our valued members to access tips, workouts and live videos allowing the great community of Everybody’s Gym to continue online. 

While we are closed we will work hard to ensure your gym is clean, safe and ready for your return. We are looking forward to welcoming you back. 

We would like to thank each and every one of our valued members for your support throughout this, and we look forward to welcoming you back into your gym soon.  

If you want to discuss other options or have any questions please send us a private message or email us at everybodysgym@outlook.com  

Thank you for your continued support,  


The Everybody’s Gym Team 

Officially founded in 1994 Everybody's Gym has enjoyed helping thousand of local Spalding residents with their fitness goals. Privately owned for over 25 years the club has evolved at it's town centre location to become the modern and extensive health club it is today. Remaining independent and unique has always allowed us to be able to cater for the health and fitness needs of Spalding exercisers.

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