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At Everybodys Gym We wanted to give you the opportunity to reboot your fitness with as many options as possible.

PT Joe Higgins might have the answer –


With the gym reopen there’s no better time to get your fitness journey up and running again.

Maybe you’re looking to get your fitness journey going and not sure where to start. This programme is designed to be tailored to suit any individual, no matter what level of fitness you are at. Project reboot not only focuses on improving physical fitness but mental wellbeing as well, the weekly challenges throughout the programme encourage small actions that have big positive impacts. With diet advice, pt sessions and round the clock support, project reboot really is value for money. During lockdown I have had plenty of time to make sure everything about project reboot is perfect and I’m excited to begin working with all of you. Sign up today by simply messaging me or by clicking on the link.


Welcome back


We are ready to welcome you back from Saturday the 25th of July ?

Please take a look at the whole video as we have some important information at the end ?

What can you expect?

We’ve re-defined our cleaning and safety standards and can’t wait to welcome you back to the gym.

The gym has been re arranged and clearly marked out for you to use safely, so it is easy for everyone to follow. We have created the space you need to work out whilst maintaining social distance. Numbers are also controlled so the gym never gets too busy.

Extensive and frequent cleaning: the gym will be deep cleaned every night with high grade anti viral disinfectant. The team will also clean frequent touch points every hour, alongside the standard cleaning of equipment. Allowing you to train with confidence.

We’ve installed new self-cleaning stations so you can clean your kit before and after use, for added peace of mind. Cleaning stations are located in all key areas of the gym to make it as easy as possible.

Frequently asked questions:

How long can I stay in the gym?
We know how much you’ve been looking forward to getting back into the gym! We want all members to get a chance for a safe and a great workout so we are encouraging members to limit their visit to an hour at busier times.

Do I have to wear a mask to the gym?
The government have confirmed that it is not compulsory to wear a face mask when you visit the gym, as there are many other measures already in place in the gym for safety and hygiene.
If you want to do so, you can, but please ensure that all used masks are disposed of safely in one of the bins provided.

Can I use the showers?
Yes, it is safe to shower but distancing is once again paramount as toweling down, etc., can spread contaminants. The important factor is maintaining safe distancing. For the time being, we are encouraging members to arrive and leave in gym kit wherever possible.

What support is available for vulnerable members?
We want to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to get back to the gym. We have made a number of changes in the gym to ensure the safety of our members, if you think you’ll need some support in finding your way around the new layout in the gym and getting to know the new one way system just get in touch.

We cant wait to see you on Saturday the 25th!

see YouTube for our welcome back video 🙂

Have you seen – Fitness professionals turn government NHS posters to promote exercise – creates viral sensation

We all know exercise is an important component of staying healthy and reducing the risk of illness. Some Professionals in the fitness industry have taken to linked in to portray this message in a style we have got used to seeing in the last few months.

The article below was taken from

A set of posters created by a fitness Professionals, mimicking the government’s COVID-19 NHS messaging, have gone viral on LinkedIn.

The posters, carrying the message of “Exercise – Protect the NHS” were created by Daniel Ward, a qualified PT who works as a studio manager at an F45 franchise in Milton Keynes.

Ward had been using the lockdown to hone his Photoshop skills and, once it became clear to him that the government’s attitude towards the gym sector had “left something to be desired”, he decided to put his newly-acquired skills to use.

“I first realised that we might have a problem when the government published its very first list of sectors, alongside a schedule of when they might return – and fitness and gyms weren’t even on it,”

“While gyms were added to subsequent tables, I was further frustrated by the ‘pubs before gyms’ debacle around the 4 July reopenings.

“It was disappointing to witness pubs and restaurants being given the green light before fitness – especially as research from the US-based CDC shows that people suffering from obesity, heart conditions and diabetes are at a higher risk from COVID-19, all are conditions which exercise can reduce.

“So I decided to do my bit and to come up with some alternative messaging which would highlight the merits of physical activity.”

Ward began searching the NHS website and official government sites for figures and facts around the benefits of exercise.

After choosing some headline numbers, he created the posters to look like the ones used at the government’s daily briefings.

“I agree with the government that the NHS needs protecting,” Ward says. “And exercise can help do that by keeping people fit and healthy. During my 16-year career in fitness I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

“And it’s not just physical health that the sector can help with either. I know plenty of people who use exercise to improve their mental health – and there are studies that back up that.

“One of the numbers I found was that physical activity and exercise can cut NHS spending on mental health by 30 per cent. When you consider that mental health spending by the NHS in England alone accounted for £12.2bn in 2018-19, it’s not a small amount.”

Ward adds that it is clear that the industry agrees with the sentiment in his posters.

“It only took a few days for my posters to receive 6,000+ views, more than a hundred shares and countless likes,” he says – and adds that he would be happy for any gym or operator to use his artwork.

“I’d be 100 per cent happy for any gym or club to use the posters.

“I think now, during the pandemic, people are psychologically ready to commit to healthier lifestyles – and that includes physical activity. So it could be a way to highlight some of the advantages of keeping fit.”

The posters are as follows:







Everybodys Gym team


➡️Membership update❕⬅️

Following a few questions we’ve received we hope this update helps!

✅ We will be open with our usual hours (7am – 9pm Weekdays, 8am-2pm on Saturday and 8am till 1pm on Sundays) however there are a few additional things you need to know:

✅ The booking system is OPEN for appointments to be made on the 25th of July and beyond. You can make an appointment online or call us 1 hour to 30mins before you plan to come in.


✅ We generously froze all memberships back in march and all memberships will restart once the main gym is reopen from the 25th of July. The time where memberships were frozen will be added on once we re start.

✅ If you have cancelled and want to rejoin please use this link: or call us to run through options

✅ Whilst the government guidelines allow us to have a maximum of 30 people in the gym at one time, the safety and well being of our members and staff is the most important. Following a thorough risk assessment and working time study we will initially be limiting the maximum amount of members in at any one time to 20 people. This will be under constant review.

✅ Please bring your own water bottle, the water fountain will only be available for refills.

✅ A one way system has been implemented which we encourage all members to follow.

✅ Member numbers will be limited to the changing rooms and there is signage up around the gym encouraging members to clean equipment before and after use.

➡️ Keep an eye on our social media and website for our re opening video coming soon detailing all of the updates and new ways of working.

??We cant wait to welcome you all back!??

Charity Bike ride

??100 mile charity bike ride??

Everybodys gym and Rotation fitness are teaming to raise money for a very worthy cause that affects one of our great members. We will be cycling for Kiya daughter of Rebecca Hilling. Adam and David have taken part in half marathons, mud runs, weight lifting etc but this will be the first bike ride of this distance for them

?The Lily foundation?
The Lily Foundation is the UK’s leading mitochondrial disease charity. The mission is to improve the lives of people affected by mitochondrial diseases. They are working towards a future where mitochondrial diseases can be effectively treated or cured.

100 mile bike ride:
When – 27th September
From – Everybodys gym to Goulston on sea

If you would like to sponsor us use this link.…

The Re-opening on 25th July


We’re excited to announce the reopening of Everybodys Gym, and we can’t wait to welcome you back soon! ??
The Government has just given gyms in England the green light to reopen and we are happy to announce that we will welcome our members back Saturday the 25th July.
Research shows that gyms play a vital role in helping people stay physically and mentally fit, so we’re thrilled to be able to reopen again and help get the community back to fitness.

Keep an eye on the page and website for re opening details. ?

In the meantime please use this link to book in to our outdoor gym ???


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how to book online


Take a look at our ‘how to book’ guide. Booking is now open for Saturday the 4th of July and onwards! Head over to the website click services and bookings. Click ouside gym and then the date etc. You must put all details in to confirm. Take a look on facebook or youtube to see a video tutorial

✅Time slots are limited to an hour each
✅There will be a maximum of 8 people at any one time
✅Opening times are: Monday to Friday 8am till 7pm. Saturday 8am till 2pm and Sunday 8am till 1pm

Remember to:
➡️Book in
➡️Hand sanitize on arrival
➡️Swipe your card or pay for your session
➡️Then workout within your time slot (cleaning any equipment you use as you go)

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our outside gym space ?