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At Everybodys we like to encourage everyone to start using resistance training.

Most of us know that having strength is important, but that doesn’t make the training any easier to do. It may help to know why strength training is so important and all the ways it can help you look better and feel better. Check out our 3 reasons to lift weights and get motivated to start strength training.

1. It Helps You Lose Fat

When you lift weights, you build lean muscle tissue which is more metabolically active than fat. When you increase your muscle, you also increase metabolism which means you’re burning more calories throughout the day. Regular strength training is just as important as cardio exercise for losing fat and getting fit.

It Makes You Stronger

It may seem obvious that lifting weights can make you stronger…but what some people forget is that it doesn’t just make you strong for your workouts, it makes you stronger in your daily life.

When you lift weights on a regular basis, everything else becomes a little easier too – carrying groceries, housework, gardening, carrying the kids, etc.

3. A big one – It Reduces Your Risk of Injury

The nice thing about strength training is that it strengthens everything, not just your muscles and bones. When you lift weights, you also strengthen connective tissue—the ligaments and tendons that keep your body moving well on a regular basis. Strengthening your connective tissue will help you continue to operate in peak condition and protect your from injuries.

To make a start on a weight training strength programme – get in touch.

Everybodys Gym Team

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