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At Everybodys we offer every member a free program to start and maintain the pathway to achieving your specific goal.

If you’re someone who wants to get more exercise, a workout plan can help to relieve a lot of the stress of getting started and removes a major excuse that many of us have when trying to build a regular exercise habit.

Plans have many benefits. They can motivate you, teach you new things, and make the whole endeavor of getting regular exercise so much easier. A good workout plan keeps you going and makes you more proficient, both at movement and at building healthy habits.

Here are a few benefits

1. Removes a major excuse. If you don’t have a trainer, not knowing what you’re going to do for your workout can be a major stumbling block. Planning can take time and energy and if you need to do it each time you work out, you may start to avoid the process altogether (especially if you lack workout planning experience). Feeling like your workout is going to demand another 20 minutes just to figure out what you’re going to do can be enough to make many people say “forget it.” Having a plan removes that as an excuse, allowing you to use the time surrounding your workout for anything you need it for.

2. Nothing gets missed. Most people have more than one goal when it comes to fitness—to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility are a few important ones. When your workouts are planned in advance, you can ensure that training for all of those goals shows up on a regular basis. Having a plan means you get to look at the program as a whole and make sure that you’re getting enough of each type of exercise on a regular basis, even if you’re not doing them all every day.

3. Track your progress. If your plan is to get fit, keeping track of where you started and where you are today is an important element of your workouts. By investing in planning, you can make sure to create cycles of measurement and work that allow you to evaluate your progress on a regular basis. Having a regular rhythm of tests and retests built into the program can allow you to see how things are going without having to obsess about it on a daily basis.

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