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We have had alot of messages since Monday’s announcement that gyms will reopen on the 12th April.

Most of those messages are regarding getting started and changing habits… our blog this week is about some habits you can adopt now!

Daily Habit 1: Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is not my favourite meal but I know it’s important to fuel my body.

We need breakfast to get our metabolism started otherwise the body goes into starvation mode. The next thing we eat is stored as fat because the body thinks we might starve it again. Eating breakfast and regularly eating throughout the day helps us maintain our weight.

Daily Habit 2: Supplement Vitamin D

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin. Imagine your body as a flower, without sunlight and water the flower will wither and die. As a society we are all very conscious of the sun, UV rays and links to skin cancer so we have a tendency to avoid it. The best option here is to invest in a Vitamin D supplement. These are available at the gym to buy.

Daily Habit 3: Drink more Water

We have all heard this one before. Drink your eight glasses of water. But seriously, drink more water! Remember the flower analogy, that we wither without sunlight and water? I think that drinking eight glasses a day should be an absolute minimum.

Water energizes us, keeps our skin looking youthful, aids our digestive system and assists our kidneys. Our bodies are at least 80% water, it is vital we maintain our water levels.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the gym.

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