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Everybody's Gym

At Everybodys gym we are proud to have members of all ages.

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  • Maintaining an exercise routine as you get older may be protective when it comes to brain health, a recent study suggests.
  • One aspect that helps with brain function seems to be control over your exercise choices, which can help keep you consistent and motivated.
  • Exercise helps the brain in a number of ways, including improved blood flow.

In addition to offering a breadth of physical benefits during aging, exercise also can protect against mild cognitive impairment as well, according to recent research in the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging.

About the Study

Researchers recruited 105 men and women aged 70 to 77 and split them into three groups. The first performed supervised exercise twice a week with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) at a 90% peak heart rate. The second did moderate-intensity training at 70% peak heart rate. The third, a control group, did at least 30 minutes of daily activity, but at a low intensity and didn’t have heart rate measured.

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Everybody’s Gym is a local friendly Spalding Gym. A gym for Everybody!

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