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How did your frist few workouts go? Did you manage to get back to the gym this week?

If you struggled or you didn’t make it in yet….Don’t worry.

The thought of figuring out how to start working out again can seem a bit daunting. And while there’s no way around it—when you’re not in the habit of working out, you lose progress—don’t be deterred from sweating it out. Challenges can be a good thing!

One of the first steps before you actually dive back into a workout routine is to plan out what you want your routine to look like, and how you want to get there. We can help with this. New and old members all have the option of an 18 visit FREE plan – take advantage of this to help you get back into a routine.

As you ease back into your workout routine, don’t forget to set goals to keep you focused. We recommend setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal–specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive. “What is your goal…to run 5k? To feel stronger?”. Start there, then ask us to help create a plan.

We are ready to help you make 2021 a great year of reaching your health and fitness goals.

To Join on our offer –
£20 per month, only 50 spaces available, 2 free personal training sessions and a FREE fitness plan… use this link and promo code first50

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