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With a big focus on your health after the last few years we wanted to look at fitness momentum. How do you keep going with the darker evenings and other barriers.


One of the easiest tips I can give you, is to change up your workout as much as you can and as often as you can. The body is an amazing machine, it adapts to change very quickly. You can change your reps, your speed, your weight, your gym routine, basically absolutely anything, just mix it up as often as you can and you’re on the right track – we are always willing to help and give advice. 18 visit free programmes available.


Don’t forget just how important measurement can be when it comes to your health. Regular measurement and positive changes in those measurements will keep you super motivated and focused. Even if the result is going the wrong way, by measuring you are more likely to get back on track quicker. You can measure your weight, your sleep, your resting heart rate, your waistline or your mood, whatever is most important to you is the one to measure and check it weekly.


Having something to work towards is always what I find works best for me personally in terms of my own health. It could be a mudrun or a holiday etc. walking the coast or a charity event. By choosing and paying for the event you will be far more motivated to keep training and keep exercising, especially if you choose do something with a group of people, so you’re all working towards the same goal.


After setting a goal and completing that goal, it is now time to treat yourself. Give yourself the pat on the back that you deserve. It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive. It could be a PT session or some sports gear, it’s not the cost that matters, but more the goal and reward process. Keep setting goals and keep rewarding yourself when you reach those goals.

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