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Lockdown number 3 means our gyms are closed again…..This time its dark at 5pm and very cold to boot, so, where is you motivation to start a new routine going to come from??

Here are our top tips and ideas –

1. Start off slow
Starting off slow can be the key to showing you what your fitness levels are.
A great way to get started again is a small 15 min routine combined with a walk or jog. We would recommend 4 simple exercises, 3 sets of 10 repetitions. This could be squats, toe touches, jumping jacks & 30 second plank.

2. Join an online group
Joining an online community will give you structure. For example our online group has a live workout every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. These could go in your diary as non negotiable training sessions. Being part of an online group will also help with ideas for sessions and an easy way to interact with like minded people.

3. Keep track of your activity levels
Keeping an eye of steps or how many calories you burn each day can really help with your diet and working out how much activity you need to be doing. Download a tracking app or invest in a smart watch to help.

4. Train with a friend
During this lockdown you are aloud to meet up with one other person for exercise. This could be a walk or run. Maybe set up a zoom call with a friend an go through a routine together.

5. personal training
During the 3rd lockdown we are still able to train 1 person outdoors. Having a personal trainer can give you a definite day in the diary for a workout and a plan of action too.

If you need help, just reach out to us.

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