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While most people write off December as a month to start a fitness & exercise routine, we have a few reasons why it might be the best time to start.


One of the main reasons people stick to the same routine is because they are apprehensive about trying new things in front of a floor full of people, or they feel too intimidated to ask for help from a member of staff.

December is a great time to join a gym as fewer people tend to go over the festive period, which means that typically the gym will be emptier than usual. This gives you greater freedom to try out your technique on the different pieces of equipment and you might feel more confident to ask staff for help.


One of the most important aspects of sticking to a fitness regime is incorporating it into your daily routine, yet when you first start it can take a while to get your bearings and it could become more difficult to tailor a routine when you are pressed for time after work.

For the lucky ones who are blessed with extra time off this December, it is a great opportunity to get stuck into designing a workout that is perfect for you. If you have the time, booking a session with a personal trainer will be really beneficial. They can assess your fitness and help you to create a workout that helps you to achieve your goals. Additionally they can also provide advice on technique and form so you get the best out of your time in the gym.


The New Year’s rush can have an overwhelming effect on our decision-making process, which often leads us to have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to our fitness. While this is great if we stick to it, chances are if you design a gruelling regime in January, you might burn yourself out and abandon your progress by mid-February.

Joining the gym in December relieves the New Year pressure. Come January you will be way ahead.

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