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Here are our top tips for keeping fit over the Christmas period:

1. Be mindful

Christmas is the time for relaxing and loosening up a little, so there’s definitely room for some treats.

But we advise to limit yourself to how much “loosening up” you exactly do.

We believe people shouldn’t eat to the point of compete fullness and to stop when they feel absolutely full.

2. Optimise workouts

It’s all about fun and parties, so it also means that your free time to exercise will likely take a hit due to all your personal commitments.

We suggest going to the gym or going for a run at least twice in the week.

Try to make your time count. Try out an intensity exercise like a HIIT workout which can burn around 10-15 calories per minute, or attend a buddy training session which can burn over 700 calories an hour.

3. Try something new

With the new year creeping around the corner, now is a fantastic time to try something new.

Kettlebells, core bags, dynamic training, weight lifting. There are alot of options.

4. Get a workout buddy

Who doesn’t enjoy training with a mate?

Having a person to exercise with you is the best way to motivate and spur each other on.

It’s a good way to force you both to get up out of the house and train when the other person doesn’t want to. Very simple, but very effective.

Friends are free in December at the gym!

6. Keep moving

Even though you’re not getting a full workout, a workout is better than no workout.

Walking just 15 minutes per day isn’t that big of a deal but it burns more than 250 calories if you do it everyday for a week.

Everybody’s Gym Team

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