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Health bosses will tell councillors that obesity is a “growing issue” – with our district suffering from one of the worst records in the region.

Reports for tomorrow’s Lincolnshire County Council Adults and Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee say 68% of the county’s over-18s are obese or overweight, higher than the national average of 63%.

Yet in South Holland that issue is even worse – with the latest figures showing 72.9% of adults here being overweight or obese – up 6% on 2015/16. Only Boston (73.4%) has a worse record in Lincolnshire – and only North East Derbyshire (73.8%) is worse than Boston for the East Midlands.

In South Holland, 26.4% of reception children (aged four or five) are overweight or obese – and by the last year of primary school (aged 10 and 11), 38.4% of our district’s children are overweight or obese.

In the report, director of Public Health Derek Ward said: “It is clear that obesity is a growing issue in Lincolnshire, across the nation and internationally.”

Reasons include poor diet, lack of exercise, income and social deprivation.

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The rest of the story from Spalding today here –

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