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At Everybody’s we have a great team of instructors and personal trainers. Below is Heather Walkers veiws on what we offer.

How important is personal training?


When I first joined the gym I knew that I had a huge task ahead of me as I had gained a lot of weight and was very unfit. I didn’t start my PT straight away as for me personally I knew I had to get into a rhythm and a routine first.

I did know however that at some point I would need it as this time I really want to go for it and would need some help in doing so. I want to do this right! Losing weight is hard work but it’s also hard to keep that motivation up on your own for a lengthy period of time.
I decided to have pt with James and he has really motivated and guided me. I have pt once a week and he always encourages me to do my best.

I feel that if I had just stuck to doing it on my own I wouldn’t of got as far as I have… far! So huge thanks to James.

Actually all the guys at the gym are massively helpful and supportive in my progress. Adam had helped in teaching me different things including how to deadlift etc….things I wouldn’t have done on my own that’s for sure! And Guy is helping me with my running offering me advice in regards to pace and technique. I feel very supported which is a lovely thing about everybody’s gym.

I still have a long way to go but I don’t feel as though I’m doing this on my own as all the support helps a great deal.

If you are looking to start your journey get in touch with us today.

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