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At Everybodys gym we love to highlight our members achievements.

The stroy below is just a small extract of Time 4 nutrition’s interview with one of our amazing members.

Whole story here –

I needed to throw myself at it wholeheartedly, so I joined Everybody’s Gym in Spalding. Walking into the gym on my first day was the game changer and, in all honesty, probably saved my life. That was in November 2017.
At that point I weighed 24 stone (152.4kg) and was size a 26. My measurements were:
• Waist: 141cms (55.5 inches)
• Bust:121cms (47.6 inches)
• Arms: 39cms (15.3 inches)

Initially, I did a free gym program. I also counted my calories and started prepping my meals. For me, meal planning was critical to my success. I set a goal of losing 6 stone (38kg) and by June 2018 I had lost 3 (19kg). My main aim has not only been to lose fat, but to change my body composition by increasing my muscle mass and effectively re-designing my body shape. To this end, my training programme comprises mainly resistance training with some cardio.

Each week I weighed myself and took measurements and pictures to track my progress.
I then began having personal training with Adam Jones, the proprietor of Everybody’s Gym. He not only supported me, but also provided me with expert advice and instruction throughout the whole process. I’ve even cried on him on bad days when it all seemed such a struggle.
At this point in 2022, I have now lost 10.5 stone (66.6kg) and my measurements are:
• Waist: 97cms (38.1 inches)
• Bust: 95cms (37.4 inches)
• Arms: 32cms (12.5 inches)

Well done Heather keep going 👏

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