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Navigating Easter and trying to stay healthy can be hard but here our top tips for enjoying a healthier long Easter weekend.

1. Be deliberate with your time

Whether you’re going on holiday or having a staycation, you want to make the most of your long weekend by proactively choosing how you’re going to dedicate your time. “Really put some thought into what you want your weekend break to look like, otherwise you could just be ‘reactive’ to whatever else is happening and end up doing what everyone else wants or expects you to do,” health psychologist Dr Marny Lishman says. “If you have a few days off, it might mean there’s enough time to work out a schedule so you can balance out the social, relaxation, exercise and ‘me’ time.”

2. Eat and enjoy your favourite things

Whether it’s the Good Friday dinner or the Sunday morning chocolates, give some thought to your menu so you can factor in your favourite things. Again having a plan can make you less reactivate to eating the easy options.

3. Fuel your body with a healthy breakfast

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will give you long-lasting energy for the day ahead. Breakfast is a great opportunity to lean on foods high in protein, like eggs, greek yogurt ect.

4. Travel smart and pack snacks

Easter is synonymous with road trips, but that doesn’t have to mean relying on fast food pit-stops. If you’re travelling a long distance, prepare some healthy snacks for the car ride ahead of time – yogurt, small packets of air-popped popcorn and whole grain sandwiches with skinless chicken breast or reduced-fat cheese are some great options to try.”

If you would like help on nutrition or would like to join our community – please let us know.

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