Top 4 Weight Training Success Tips – How to Beat that Performance Plateau

We all reach that stage in our exercise lives at some stage. It just seems that nothing much extra happens, no more fat loss or muscle gain. For some it seems like endless progress because of a low fitness starting level; others reach this progress plateau quickly. Here are some practical tips to kick-start a stalled fitness engine.

1. Set Reasonable Goals and Expectations

Learn to love small gains and log! Make a note of your progress so that you know exactly when your weight loss, muscle enhancement or waist size reduction starts to plateau. This is important because unless you note it or chart it, it’s easy to imagine things are better or worse than they are. Its easy at Everybody’s because you can log your progress on our free programmes.

2. Watch Your Diet and Nutrition

Keep the saturated fat and refined carbohydrates DOWN! No more than 25 percent total fat, and no flaky, flimsy, fatty pastries, refined sugars, colas, biscuits, cakes, sweets and junk like that. Just get rid of it, period. None. For weight gainers, low-fat protein, mainly poultry meals, non-fat dairy, fish like tuna and salmon, and beans and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Make sure you eat enough. The most fundamental error that hopeful weight and muscle gainers make is not eating enough quality food, and that doesn’t necessarily mean protein.

3. Rest and Recover

Every 4 to 6 weeks take an easy week where you do about half your normal training or full training at half the intensity. This provides a ‘window’ in which the body can replenish itself and build even stronger. The principle of weight training and muscle building is progressive overload, muscle damage, repair and new growth. Give this process a chance to occur.

4. Try an Intensity Change

If you’re not getting any further after many months, try a change. The body responds to variation in intensity and program. If weight loss is your goal, try a circuit program. If muscle building and fitness is your goal and you’re a bit stale, then switch from 3 sets of 12 reps to 4 sets of eight reps, or try pyrimd or drop set (see wisdom Wednesday on the facebook page) where you alter the weights and reps up or down for each set.

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