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We all want to improve or maintain our health. How can weight training help improve your health?

Increases Bone Density. Weight training can increase your bone density, which in turn strengthens your bones. Strong bones can help to prevent fractures and osteoporosis.

Improves Body Composition. Weight training can reduce your body fat and increase your muscle mass.

Increases Metabolism. Research estimates that for every one-pound of increase you have in muscle mass, your resting metabolism rises by 30 to 50 calories. That’s good news if you’re trying to lose or control your weight!

Improves Physical Fitness. If you think that a weight lifting program is only for athletes or people who frequent the beach, you’re wrong!

Prevents Injury. Keeping your muscles toned and strong can help prevent a host of injuries. When you work to improve the strength of your muscles, you’re helping ensure that your body is prepared to work a bit harder for those unexpected times when you’re placed in an awkward position.

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