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We all have our own personal motivations and fitness goals. Most people’s reasons for exercise could fall into these categories:

  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • Perform better

perform better is the pqrt functional training aims to address by helping you to:

  • Upgrade the way your body moves and functions
  • Improve your strength across movement patterns
  • Increase the physical performance of your body

Functional training (done right) has a huge carry over to life outside the gym. So, whether you’re training for sport or for life, everyone can benefit from it.



  • Functional training greatly improves strength and stability across a variety of movements. This makes your joints better protected and muscles more resistant to common injuries like strains.
  • The well-balanced nature of training ensures that you don’t develop any weak links which is a very common reason why active people so often get injured.


  • Training across movement patterns ensures that your joints are moving through a full range of motion and that you are building strength across a full range of motion.This is key to maintaining proper joint function.
  • Improving core stability also goes hand in hand with mobility gains. A classic expression by Dr Stuart Mcgill – “Proximal stability for distal mobility”.


  • Building muscle in isolation does not transfer well to life outside the gym. Functional training does. This means it will improve your ability to perform every day tasks like carrying your groceries, mowing your lawn and picking up your kids.
  • It will also improve your performance across recreational physical activities that you enjoy doing – whether that’s riding a bike, hiking, climbing or something more team sport oriented like playing football or basketball.


  • Functional training will improve your athleticism. Whole body strength, stability and movement quality will all be greatly enhanced.
  • You’ll also be more robust and resilient to injury. All in all, this is going to transfer to better athletic performance.


  • Functional training is purpose-driven training, but also fun and varied, which will keep you engaged.
  • It works your whole body out by favouring multi-joint exercises, building strength and muscle in a functional and balanced way. Because of this, it’s sustainable and will have you seeing improvements over the long haul.

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