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Our newest specialist bar is here and ready for you to use when we reopen.

First question….what is a multi grip swiss bar??

The swiss bar is a fantastic piece of equipment which provides huge stress relief to the shoulders when pressing.
Often used in rehab/prehab for people nursing injuries and niggles who wish to continue training.

Used by many also as an alternative to conventional bars to provide new stimulus which helps promote new strength and hypertrophy gains whilst also avoiding excessive over use of the standard pronated grip. This in turn helps avoid over use injuries.

Ideal for those with shoulder problems and anyone looking to add some variety into their training.

Suitable for a variety of lifts, including;

Bench press
Tricep extensions
Hammer curls
Bent Over Rows

We are looking forward to implementing this versatile bar into training programmes when we reopen.

Everybodys Gym Team

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