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We are currently 6 weeks into the current lockdown. With gyms being shut are you where you wanted to be right now?

If not, a reminder system or journal could really work for you.

On a Sunday or Monday morning write down your fitness goals for the week. This could be on your phone calendar or a calendar you look at every day, or a simple note pad.

A reminder system would include letting yourself know how you will feel after your 30min workout/run etc. Therefore holding yourself accountable.

Sometimes the thought of it is much worse. After your reminder, get started on your workout and afterwards make a note on how it went. This is a simple tool most people would use to help set a goal. It will also help get you into a routine and to help you track your progress.

Lets say you want to lose a stone. Complete your workouts for the week and write down how each one went. From this information you should be able to see what you enjoy and you can keep on adding these sort of workouts to your plan. e.g. you enjoyed HIIT but the runs were hard…. add 3 HIIT sessions a week and 2 runs. However not only will this type of system keep you motivated and engaged but it will keep you accountable. In conclusion you will be able to track your progression which will in turn keep you motivated and working towards your goals.

We hope this helps with motivation! Tag and share any fitness journals or goals that you are currently working on as we would love to see them, and get in touch if you need any support or advice.

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We can’t wait to see you back in the gym 😀

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