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Before we begin, there are a few things to note on spotting. If your lifter cannot get the weight up at least mostly by themselves, he or she should back off, lighten the load, and work up from there. When pride takes over and the weight is too heavy, form and technique will break down and this leaves the lifter highly prone to injury.
It is not beneficial for strength building when proper form is neglected. It is important to concentrate on technique first (even with lighter weights) in order to build, fire, and strengthen the correct muscles necessary for heavier weights and to stay injury free. Smart lifters and good coaches are far more concerned with (or at least they should be) a proper and technically-sound lift than a dangerous desperate effort to “just get it up” any way they can. We can push a lifter safely and without sacrificing form by using proper spotting techniques.

The idea behind spotting is not to lift the weight for the lifter (that defeats the purpose completely,) but rather to be there to support proper form as you allow your lifter to “struggle” through weights that he or she might not be able to manage safely alone. As you spot, let the lifter fight through the “sticky spots” a bit and do not lift anything for him or her. You can assist when he or she actually does get stuck or slow a great deal in several ways. This relationship between the spotter and the lifter is in fact is the biggest benefit to the lifter’s strength building and is your biggest role.

Nonetheless, as a spotter it is important to be prepared for anything.

The Spotter Stance

Spotters should use a widened split stance to create a larger base of stability. To do this, you set one foot in front and the other one staggered behind. Maintain a tight and upright trunk and core, and adjust your hand placement according to the lift. Make sure both you and your lifter know what you are about to do by establishing the rep range and the goal ahead of time.

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