From Wednesday the 2nd of December we will be allowed to welcome you back!
We will now be allowed to remain open in all 3 tiers going forward.
As always we are ready to help you start your health & fitness journey with us and we are ready to help you kick off again from where you were in November.
Please ensure all equipment is handed back to the gym by the 1st of December.
We are so greatful for all the support we have received and we can’t wait to welcome you back into Everybody’s Gym again!
Keep an eye on our black Friday deal coming very soon!

See you soon

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👏Thank you to all our staff for making our gym a safe and friendly place to train


👏Thank you to all our great members for your hard work cleaning your machines before and after use


💯 Use this time to workout your goals and if you need help let us know.

See you at the gym in December and online this Friday 🙂

Gym Announcement

Announcement 📣
Following the Government’s announcement on Saturday the 31st of October, Everybodys Gym will be closing at 9pm on Wednesday the 4th of November for 4 weeks.
It is with a heavy heart that we are having to close again as we feel that our gym is a safe environment and plays a vital role in the physical and mental health and well being of our members and guests.
➡️ We have taken the decision to freeze all memberships and post date personal training sessions.
You do not need to do anything. Please do not cancel your direct debit. We will automatically stop your payments, and take care of the administration of this. Please understand we are requesting this from today so some payments may already have been taken due to bank processing times which normally takes around 10 days. Any unusued time will be added on once the gym is re open. For members who have paid cash the unused time will be re-instated once your gym re opens.
We will review the situation in line with the government guidelines after 4 weeks.
➡️ If you would like to carry on supporting your gym throughout this time, please private message or email us on
Thank you for your continued support.
The Everybody’s Gym Team

6 Ways to Develop the Fitness Mindset

somtimes we forget that a big part of making progress with exercise and fitness is – Mindset.

Why do people fail at committing and sustaining an exercise program? Noone really knows the awnser but here are a few points that might help.

1. It needs to purposeful. We need to develop a set of reasons that genuinely inspire us to commit to a lifestyle of health and fitness. Take a few minutes and write down the reasons why you would like to be fit. What is the payoff to feeling and looking good? How will it benefit you? What will it do for your family? There are many questions you can ask yourself, but the bottom line is that you need the right reasons to do it day after day.

2. We need to tell ourselves the right things. What we say to ourselves is a direct reflection on our attitudes, effort, and habits. Are you telling yourself that exercise is “fun” or are you saying to yourself that it is boring, painful, or hard?” If you are saying those negative statements to yourself, you need to start telling yourself more resourceful things. “I feel so good after I exercise.” “Exercise helps me to sleep better at night.” “After I work out, I feel a sense of accomplishment, and I am proud of myself for doing it.” Any long-term behavior starts in your mind. At first, it is repeatedly telling yourself the right things to get you going. After a time, it becomes a habit.

3. Exercise needs to be in your schedule. When we schedule anything, it is a priority for us to complete. We all begin our day thinking about what is on our “to-do” list. A work out needs to be one of those items on your list. If it is scheduled, it becomes essential for you to get it done — the more specific you are, the better. What time will it be? What will you be doing in the workout?

4. Visualize your success. What does it look like to have the body you want? How does it feel to be in great shape? What do your loved ones say to you about your improvement? When we spend a little time in our mind imagining our success, we move in the direction of what we repeatedly see ourselves becoming.

5. Find an accountability partner. This person can be a person you work out with each day or someone who holds you accountable for what you say you are going to do. This could also be your personal trainer.

6. Decide to take 100% responsibility for your health and fitness. Taking responsibility means we will not make excuses or blame others. If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you don’t, do not blame someone else or make an excuse. A mindset of strength includes holding ourselves accountable and looking in the mirror and being honest with things in our lives. If you do not like how you look, it is your problem, and you are the only one who can solve it. Excuses, blaming others, or rationalizing will not fix the problem. Only you can fix the problem.

Everybodys Gym Team


If you have seen us boxing at Everybodys and thought….maybe i would like to give that a go…. now is your opportunity.

In a world with a growing sense of self-awareness and focus on personal health and fitness, many people are beginning to turn to unconventional workout methodologies.

Boxing, as a sport and as a martial art, has been around for centuries. People throughout history have practiced it as a means of self-defense. But more recently over the past decade or so, boxing has emerged as a popular workout.

People are drawn to boxing as a workout because it’s fun and enjoyable, and because it promises drastic improvements to overall health and wellness. For those looking to lose weight and get fit, boxing is just absolutely incredible.

Want to know how boxing can help get you into the best shape of your life? Check out these four points.

1) It’s an intense cardio workout
Everyone knows cardio is the way to go if you want to lose copious amounts of weight. But simply sweating it out on a treadmill can get super repetitive and very boring. No one wants to spend hours on end just doing the same exact thing. While steady-state cardio can definitely help you burn calories and shave off that excess weight, it’s very hard to keep up because it can get stale after a while.

Enter boxing, the ultimate cardio workout that will engage both your upper and lower body.

Boxing trains cardiovascular strength and endurance more effectively than the majority of the workouts available today. It has the power to condition the human body into an energy-efficient machine.

2) It engages the whole body
Contrary to popular belief, boxing isn’t just about punching. It’s so much more than that. There’s head movement and footwork, defensive techniques such as bobbing and weaving, as well as workouts to develop power and speed. More importantly, boxing is a full-body workout as it engages the entire upper and lower body.

Boxing workouts allow you to stimulate muscle fibers that you have never used before. Which is why after training for a while, you will discover strength and explosion you never had before. This is because most of the muscles used in boxing workouts are fast twitch muscle fibers that are often neglected in traditional workouts.

Furthermore, boxing trains the most important muscle of all — the human heart.

After some time training, the heart becomes much healthier and the human body is able to regulate oxygen much more efficiently, resulting in better energy management. Good, quality cardio is also one of the key components in weight-loss and martial arts provides many opportunities to exercise the heart.

3) Burn fat and build lean muscle
Once you begin to start leaning out and burning fat, boxing will show you your prime condition.

After a few months, you’ll begin to notice weight loss. Each one-hour session in boxing can burn up to 500 to 1,000 calories. That’s a huge amount, and combine that with proper diet, it can really have a positive effect on your physique.

Of course, burning calories and melting fat isn’t complete without building lean muscle. The movements and techniques in boxing, fortunately, allow practitioners to build lean muscle.

4) Have fun while you work out
Last but certainly not the least, and perhaps the most important, is that during boxing training you will have loads of fun.

Boxing and martial arts, in general, is the most fun you will ever have in a workout. And fun is one of the most important components in a fitness program. If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing, working out becomes a chore and it’s harder to exercise.

Luckily, boxing engages not only the human body but also the mind. Learn the secrets of self-defense and understand the motions and nuances of ‘The Sweet Science’. It’s a mental exercise as much as it is a physical one, and it should keep you interested and engaged for as long as you practice it.

Boxing has many benefits. One of them is losing weight fast and getting lean and fit. If you’re looking for the perfect workout to lose weight and get yourself in the best shape of your life, why don’t you give boxing a try?

Do you need some advice or help this ”STOPTOBER”

Are you trying to curb a habit this October?? If you need help with diet or exercising more….. let us help.

Our Free programme system could help you make the start and turn exercising into a habitbanner.

Below is some advice on drinking –

Whether you are stopping for good, or just having some time off, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the changes you may see when you stop drinking.

No hangovers:
Stopping drinking means you will no longer suffer from hangovers. The nausea, headaches or tiredness you may have felt the morning after drinking could be replaced with improved mood as well as feelings of productivity.

Mental health:
Regular drinking interferes with chemicals in the brain that are vital for good mental health. So while you might feel relaxed after a drink, in the long run alcohol can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety. Stopping drinking could make feelings of stress easier to deal with.

Improved energy levels and better sleep:
Regular drinking can affect the quality of your sleep making you feel tired and sluggish. This is because drinking disrupts your sleep cycle.

When you drink alcohol before bed you may fall into deep sleep quicker. This is why some people find drinking alcohol helps them get to sleep. But as the night goes on you spend less time in this deep sleep and more time than usual in the less restful, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep2.
This can leave you feeling tired the next day no matter how long you stay in bed.
But having alcohol-free days can help. Once you reduce the amount you’re drinking, you should start sleeping better and find it easier to wake up in the morning.

Better skin:
Alcohol dehydrates your body, including the skin – and this happens every time you drink. This can cause your skin and eyes to look dull.

Lose weight:
A pint of lager can contain the same amount of calories as a slice of pizza.
A large glass of wine can contain the same amount of calories as an ice cream sundae.
Alcohol contains almost as many calories as pure fat. Drinking alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy.

Not drinking at all is likely to make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

New research shows gyms in England are successfully controlling COVID-19

New research from industry body, ukactive, has found gyms are almost risk-free environments for COVID-19, with an estimated 0.020 positive cases per 10,000 gym visits – results that are statistically insignificant.

ukactive collated data from more than 1,300 gyms, health clubs and leisure centres to analyse the prevalence of the virus within the sector’s facilities.

Charting the three weeks from reopening (from 25 July to 16 August), the data reveals that there were more than eight million visits to fitness facilities by members of the public.

Only 17 people visiting gyms in England went on to test positive for COVID-19, giving the figure of 0.020 cases for every 10,000 visits, with only nine reported cases of COVID-19 among members of staff across all 1,300 facilities.

ukactive says gym and leisure centre operators are well positioned to capture real-time data and are able to carefully record reported cases based on membership details held within their databases, as well as recording details for non-members, to allow for contact tracing – helping to inform authorities and other visitors quickly.

According to ukactive, the findings – released today (25 August) – support a “growing evidence base from across the globe” which shows that gym operating procedures are proving very effective at protecting people from COVID-19.

“This sample shows an extremely low prevalence of COVID-19 among people who visit gyms and leisure facilities,” said Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive.

“Our sector has worked tirelessly to demonstrate its safety to the public and this new evidence helps us prove that these efforts are paying dividends, allowing us to get back to our work of keeping the nation happy and healthy.

We will continue to monitor closely – with our members – the number of COVID-19 cases, to show that the sector is being responsible in limiting its spread,” he said.

The sector worked closely with the UK government to develop the guidance for reopening safely, including organising site visits for the deputy chief medical officer and SAGE representatives to a range of facilities.

Regular exercise has been shown to improve a person’s ability to regulate the immune system, which is essential for avoiding the severe symptoms of COVID-19.

everybodys gym team

People believe exercising is the best way to support the NHS

Exercise has been voted the number one way the public can help the NHS – ahead of paying taxes and cutting down on smoking and drinking.

A study of 2,123 UK adults by Savanta ComRes found people believe being physically active to improve their health will support the NHS and reduce pressure on its services.

Next on the list, by a margin, is cutting smoking, followed by improving diets, paying taxes, and cutting alcohol.

In total, more than half (51 per cent) of respondents rank exercise in the top three ways to help.

The research, commissioned by industry body ukactive and published ahead of National Fitness Day on 23 September, also shows how people have discovered the benefits of exercise during the pandemic.

More than two thirds (69 per cent) of respondents now want to do more exercise due to the impact of COVID-19, while more than half (58 per cent) of respondents said that, during lockdown, they were able to manage their mental health and wellbeing through being active

There is, however, still work to be done to get the public more active. A quarter of respondents are classed as physically inactive (25 per cent), only doing 30 minutes or less of moderate exercise a week – including 12 per cent who admit they get no exercise at all.

“We welcome these findings as the latest evidence of the vital role that physical activity can play in supporting our NHS and helping us create a happier, healthier society,” said Tim Hollingsworth, CEO of Sport England.

“Our sports clubs, gyms, parks and leisure centres help form the fabric of our society: supporting community cohesion, improving wellbeing, reducing loneliness and anti-social behaviour and boosting productivity in the workplace.”

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, chair of ukactive, added: “Physical activity has never before played such a vital role in our lives.

“By being more active, we not only have the chance to improve our mental and physical health, but also to give ourselves a better chance against COVID-19 and reduce the burden on the NHS.

“No matter what your age, ability or background, we all have a common interest in physical activity.”

The findings come ahead of National Fitness Day – a campaign which highlights the vital role physical activity plays in uniting communities and helping people to lead healthier, happier lives.

Under the banner, ‘Fitness Unites Us’, the day will see thousands of Covid-secure free events and activities take place in parks, leisure centres, gyms, schools and workplaces across the UK, as well as online through providers’ digital platforms, encouraging people to try new activities and start new fitness habits.

National fitness day 2020 23rd September

National Fitness Day, 23rd September 2020, is a chance to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping us raise awareness of its importance in helping us lead healthier and active lifestyles.

National Fitness Day sees a huge range of activity options enjoyed by participants of all ages, such as ‘plank offs’, treadmill challenges, HIIT classes, mass walks and many more.

take a look here –

At the gym we will have challenges and we will be offering a FREE day pass for family members and friends of members. This is a chance to test the club and get active 🙂