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At Everybodys gym we are proud to have members of all ages. Key points ⬇️ Maintaining an exercise routine as you get older may be protective when it comes to brain health, a recent study suggests.One aspect that helps with brain

Exercise is good for people with wear-and-tear joint arthritis and should be a "core treatment", new draft guidelines for the NHS advise. It may hurt to begin with, but can then ease pain and help individuals with osteoarthritis stay supple, healthy and slim,

At Everybodys gym we love to highlight our members achievements. The stroy below is just a small extract of Time 4 nutrition's interview with one of our amazing members. Whole story here - I needed to throw myself at it wholeheartedly,

Navigating Easter and trying to stay healthy can be hard but here our top tips for enjoying a healthier long Easter weekend. 1. Be deliberate with your time Whether you’re going on holiday or having a staycation, you want to make the most

We all know that exercise is important – vital, in fact. Yet, one of the most common excuses for not exercising enough is “I can’t find time for exercise.” And it’s true. It is hard to find time for exercise. Just

A recent article from the daily mail says - It's better to hit the gym than go for a run if you want a good night's sleep, a study suggests For sleep-deprived people, lifting weights or doing push-ups could provide 17

At Everybodys we offer every member a free program to start and maintain the pathway to achieving your specific goal. If you’re someone who wants to get more exercise, a workout plan can help to relieve a lot of the stress

Two-and-a-half hours or more of physical activity a week can boost your synapses and could help slow the natural ageing of the brain, as well as dementia, study finds A new study suggests that regular exercise – of 150 minutes a


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