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We all have our own personal motivations and fitness goals. Most people's reasons for exercise could fall into these categories: Look betterFeel betterPerform better perform better is the pqrt functional training aims to address by helping you to: Upgrade the way your body moves

When you’re pressed for time in your fitness routine, boxing may offer a solution. Boxing fitness not only burns a lot of calories and help you achieve the recommended 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise per week. You’ll also gain strength-training benefits, depending

We all want to improve or maintain our health. How can weight training help improve your health? Increases Bone Density. Weight training can increase your bone density, which in turn strengthens your bones. Strong bones can help to prevent fractures and osteoporosis. Improves

A new study led by the University of Oxford on over 90,000 participants shows that there is no upper threshold to the benefits of exercise in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease – ‘every move counts towards better cardiovascular health.’ A


Everybody’s Gym is a local friendly Spalding Gym. A gym for Everybody!

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